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Robot learning from demonstration


Conference Paper


The goal of robot learning from demonstration is to have a robot learn from watching a demonstration of the task to be performed. In our approach to learning from demonstration the robot learns a reward function from the demonstration and a task model from repeated attempts to perform the task. A policy is computed based on the learned reward function and task model. Lessons learned from an implementation on an anthropomorphic robot arm using a pendulum swing up task include 1) simply mimicking demonstrated motions is not adequate to perform this task, 2) a task planner can use a learned model and reward function to compute an appropriate policy, 3) this model-based planning process supports rapid learning, 4) both parametric and nonparametric models can be learned and used, and 5) incorporating a task level direct learning component, which is non-model-based, in addition to the model-based planner, is useful in compensating for structural modeling errors and slow model learning. 

Author(s): Atkeson, C. G. and Schaal, S.
Book Title: Machine Learning: Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference (ICML ’97)
Pages: 12-20
Year: 1997
Editors: Fisher Jr., D. H.
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

Department(s): Autonomous Motion
Bibtex Type: Conference Paper (inproceedings)

Address: Nashville, TN, July 8-12, 1997
Cross Ref: p42
Note: clmc
URL: http://www-clmc.usc.edu/publications/A/atkeson-ICML1997.pdf


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