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Two PhD Student Positions in Computer Vision for Learning Systems

  • Tübingen

The Embodied Vision Group (https://ev.is.mpg.de) is looking for 2 PhD students in Computer Vision for Learning Systems who are holding an outstanding Master’s degree in the computer or natural sciences, electrical or control engineering or applied mathematics, and who have studied areas related to computer vision and machine learning.

PHD Position

Submit your application to: joerg.stueckler@tuebingen.mpg.de
Contact: Jörg Stückler

Learning robotic reactive behavior from human demonstration via dynamic behavior trees

  • Human To robots motion research group, University of Stuttgart (in collaboration with MPI-IS)

Investigation of a new method for robot learning from demonstration problems, which will model the human demonstrations using dynamic behavior trees. This new paradigm would allow a robot to reason not only in terms of task accomplishment, but also in terms of sensory motor couplings to implement behaviors at runtime; resulting in increase of the robustness of the robot

Master Position

Contact: Vincent Berenz